Top tips on creative writing from EDP editor Nigel Pickover for Write on Norfolk competition

Editor-in-chief, Nigel Pickover reading the EDP. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Editor-in-chief, Nigel Pickover reading the EDP. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

A chance to enjoy the magic of seeing your words in print is today being offered by the EDP.

Logo for the Write on Norfolk competition

Logo for the Write on Norfolk competition - Credit: Archant

Children preparing to enter a summer creative writing competition have been offered some words of advice from the chairman of the judging panel.

Nigel Pickover, the editor of the EDP, outlined the thinking behind the competition, which is being run by the EDP and Norfolk County Council, in association with Jarrold.

He said: 'Writing and reading is a good way to spend many magical hours, and encouraging our youngsters to write stories and read stories is right at the top of the educational agenda.

'If we don't maintain longer-form writing, and if we become a slave to social media and short forms of communication, we regress as a society. We have got to be absolutely au fait with that, but we have to maintain the ability to read and write, because in that way our society will advance.

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'There are elements of society that many people fear have gone backwards, and we need to re-double our efforts to read and write, and encourage inspirational thoughts and story lines, and that is why we got involved in this competition.'

Entries can be in the form of a story, letter or diary entry, and have to be submitted on an online from on the Norfolk County Council website.

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Mr Pickover outlined five things he looks for in great writing:

- 'Capture people's interest immediately, because if you have a dull start you lose your audience before you have had a moment'

- 'You might want to have a twist in the plot. It can't be what you expect to happen'

- 'It has got to be moving and colourful'

- 'It has got to take you through a range of emotions'

- 'The very best thoughts come from the hearts of young people, so write it yourself. You may ask other people to read your story, but make sure it comes from yourself'

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