Technology sculpture takes shape in Norwich

From bits of television to redundant circuit boards, a sculpture crafted from discarded technology junk has been beamed up in Norwich.

As part of the month-long Phones, Plasmas and Pixels event at The Forum, Norwich City College students have been working hard on the 7ft masterpiece since Monday.

The complete sculpture will now be on show in Norwich until the end of the technology month.

The five-day sculpture challenge has caught the attention of passers by who have stopped to take a look at the mysterious robot which has emerged from a skip full of discarded bits of computer, televisions and even fax machines.

Norwich community artist Matt Reeve has been leading the art project and is working closely with the first and second year art and wellbeing foundation students at the college.

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He said 'It has been a lot of fun. It has been really interesting to see the inside of televisions and videos that we do not normally see. There have been a lot of panels which said 'DO NOT REMOVE' so we have enjoyed doing just that.'

The sculpture is going to have a robotic head with televisions for eye sockets.

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'The idea is to make people aware of the how much technological junk is thrown away. These days everybody wants a flat or a plasma screen so they are throwing away their old analogue televisions.

'Some of this can be recycled, but an awful lot of it will go into landfill. It is also about encouraging people to think what they are going to throw away.'

Student Sophia Barnes, 40, said: 'This is the biggest project that I have been involved with.'

She said they had planned it out and built the scaffold and that it was only on Thursday and yesterday that they were really able to start putting the sculpture together.

'It has been really really good fun. It is going to be out in the public doing something and having members of the public coming and asking us what is going on.

Carly Baker, 28, who is in the second year of the foundation degree, said: 'Although I've done a couple of community projects I have never done a sculpture like this before. This is a great experience to put on my CV.

'Lots of people have come over. People have been trying to get involved. We have had a great response from the public.

'Some people have been quite interested in the equipment and wanting to take things away but we have been assuring them that it's broken.'

City College students have also been running 'Device Advice' sessions at The Forum all week to help people with everything from changing their ringtone to signing up for a mobile phone contract.

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