Stalham High students mark leaving day in style

From horse and cart through to tractors and being encased in a doll box - Stalham High School students have marked their leaving day in style once again.

The leaver's day at the school is traditionally a day for the year 11 students - where they are allowed to arrive at school in their own chosen mode of transport and dress as they like.

And this year they did not disappoint as the school saw a wide variety of characters entering its school gates on Thursday morning .

There were classic sports cars, VW camper vans, mini cars, a pink limousine and a Blues Brothers van seen arriving at the school, and during the proceedings there was a surprise appearance from two cheeky students dressed as a monkey and a banana.

Zach Jeary, 15, from Stalham, and Tom Nikoloff, 16, from Happisburgh, had decided to arrive at the school jumping around on jumping stilts.

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Zach's mum Toni said: 'I think they both came up with the idea, wanting to do something original.'

Also arriving in style was Arthur Jarvis, 16, from Hickling, who came on the back of his horse, a feat made even better as he had broken his leg only 10 weeks before.

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Speaking about how he had coped with his injury and doing his studies, he said: 'I had a lot of catching up to do at school, but I came in and did all my exams.'

Head Melinda Derry said: 'It is a smaller year group this year, but I think they have been more adventurous.'

She said the pupils would be treated to a leaving cake and then a formal assembly in the afternoon, before a hog roast meal in the evening when they would be waited upon by members of the senior staff at the school. They would also be hosting their own version of the Brit awards - the Brat Awards.

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