School of rock! Pupil praised for passion for music

Springwood High School year eight pupil, Merry Enters.

Springwood High School year eight pupil Merry Enters who aims to start a school rock band. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

School choirs and bands have not been able to rehearse in person for a year, but one Norfolk student has been praised for his speech about his love of music.

Springwood High School student Merry Enters, 12, prompted a social media reaction after expressing how much he was missing school music. 

The King’s Lynn pupil was taking part in the Insight Discover programme, run by the Cambridge University to establish links with Year 8 and 9 pupils in local schools.

It set students the task of writing about what they considered to be civilization's greatest achievement, and then film themselves reading it out.

Springwood High School year eight pupil, Merry Enters

Springwood High School year eight pupil, Merry Enters has been praised for his passionate defence of school music amid its shut down due to Covid. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

“I chose music as my topic as it’s something I feel so passionate about, and such a big part of my life,” said Merry.  “I’ve played the guitar for three or four years, and have dabbled in drums a bit as well. My dad also plays guitar and as a family, we go to festivals together.

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“Music, both playing it and listening to it, has played a massive role during lockdown, and I try to make sure I have a different soundtrack to every day.” 

Springwood High School, where Year 10 pupils have been told to stay home from Monday Picture: Ian B

Springwood High School in King's Lynn. - Credit: Archant

Springwood's director of music Peter Strudwick said: "The lockdown has highlighted how important communal involvement in music is - singing with a choir or performing remotely with a school ensemble keeps things going but is no substitute for live ensemble performances and the joy we get from school concerts.”

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He said the schools’ concert band had not rehearsed for almost a year.

"I think that next time we can perform in front of parents will be a pretty emotional experience. It will also help remind us that we should never take the feelings generated by live performance for granted,” he added.

Springwood High School year eight pupil Merry Enters, with his mum Clare.

Springwood High School year eight pupil Merry Enters, with his mum Clare. - Credit: Ian Burt Photography

Back in school, Merry has returned to the music room, once again – and in his time away from school, he may have come up with another creative idea.  

“Currently I am not involved in any bands or choirs in school, as, to the best of my knowledge, there is not a school rock band,” he said.

“Once things get back to normal, though, I would love to start one up.

“In the future, I’d love to work in the music industry in some way, maybe as a musician or in production.”

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