Pupils dress up in colours of European flags for Thetford school’s languages day

Thetford Grammar School's young linguists have been polishing their language skills, as well as their creative ones during its annual European Day of Languages celebration.

To promote the pupil's knowledge of European languages the students were challenged to learn about new countries whilst dressed in the colours of a chosen flag.

As the day went on each class focused on a different language, learning not only words and phrases but also cultural traditions and geographical knowledge of various countries. The Year 6 pupils even studied the languages of a variety of countries from across the whole of the European community.

Mrs Butler-Hand, head of the junior department, said: 'It is a fantastic way to get the pupils developing a love of language from a young age. The day also helps develop an awareness of the different cultures within Europe itself.

French is taught within the junior school from reception through to Year 6 but now pupils have an emerging understanding of a range of languages from Spanish to Italian and even Mandarin.

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Thetford Grammar School's open morning takes place on Saturday, October 20 between 10am and 1pm.

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