Photo gallery and video: Students at Drayton Junior School cook up a storm at cake club

Cake Club at Drayton junior school with Dale Wrenn. Photo: Bill Smith

Cake Club at Drayton junior school with Dale Wrenn. Photo: Bill Smith

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that's what the goodies at Drayton Junior School's cake club are made of.

The brainchild of two students, the club started with not only a passion to get busy baking but also to get the whole family involved.

Kitty Bishop, 11, of Taverham, and Maddy Gallaway, 10, of Thorpe Marriott, approached their food technology instructor, Dale Wrenn, earlier in the school year to see if it would be possible to run a cake club.

And although it was not possible to do it from the school itself Mrs Wrenn suggested that the girls started the club at home with the aim to get creative in the kitchen with the help of a family member.

Once finished, they bring their masterpieces into the school, off School Road, to sample each others hard work.

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Mrs Wrenn said: 'To my amazement we soon got students involved. We now have 13 members - however they are all girls.

'We have specific themes each month and the lovely thing about it is that they are cooking at home with their parents. I've already had some mothers stop me and say what a fantastic club it is.

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'Cooking is a life skill and it's important for the children to know what is going into their food. This way they will know.'

As well as spending more time cooking with parents and other family members, the aim of the club is to explore different baking skills and presentation.

Mrs Wrenn added: 'I also bake a cake each month but they show me up because they make such wonderful things. They are all very enthusiastic.

'At the end of the year I am going to put all the recipes in a book for each child and present them with it as something to keep to remind them of all their efforts.'

So far the bakers have tried their hand at fairy cakes, cup cakes, swiss rolls and brownies, and enjoyed their most recent challenge - Easter-themed cakes.

Kitty, who bakes with her mum, said: 'Decorating the cakes is my favourite part.'

Maddy, who also cooks with her mum, added: 'I have made lots of good friends at cake club - it's very fun.'

Freya Yaxley, 10, of Attlebridge, is a vegan and said she loved coming up with creative ways of baking cakes.

'We have to find replacements for eggs and use soya flour and mix it with water,' she said. 'Although I can't try everyone else's cakes I like it when they try mine.'

And one thing they all did agree on - the best cake of all is chocolate.

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