Paston Sixth Form College students praised by education chief

Norfolk's education chief has praised Paston Sixth Form college as a 'national high performer.'

Lisa Christensen, the county's director children's services congratulated the students and the staff of the North Walsham college when she presented the prizes at the annual awards ceremony.

Ms Christensen, whose own daughter took A levels this summer, said Paston was not only a top Norfolk sixth form but also a national high performer.

More than 400 students, parents and staff filled the enormous space of St Nicholas' parish church, the second largest church in Norfolk, to hear Ms Christensen and to celebrate the achievement of Paston's 'class of 2011'.

In his welcome principal, Peter Mayne said the achievement of the students was outstanding.

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Paston is the only sixth form or college to be in Norfolk's top 3 in Government Performance tables in each of the last three years and was the top sixth form in 2009.

'It is a remarkable truth that at A-level Paston students achieve on average one grade higher in each subject than predicted from their GCSEs - the best predictor.

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'This is the best recommendation of the 'sixth form college option' for study post 16,' said Mr Mayne.

In 2011 students achieved a 98 per cent pass rate at A-level, and 95 per cent at BTEC National.

Three quarters of all grades were A*-C or double distinctions and 92 students earned the distinction of becoming Norfolk County Scholars - the county's top performing A-level and BTEC students, achieving a minimum of ABB or a double

distinction or better.

Almost 250 students last year applied to continue their studies at university after A-level and BTECs, added Mr Mayne.

Pauline Robinson presented the Charlotte Robinson Award, in memory of her daughter, to Lucy Robson, for outstanding academic and all-round achievement.

Karl Tizzard-Kleister received the Ivan Palfrey Cup for 'Service above Self' presented by Brian Wexler on behalf of the Rotary Club of North Walsham for his contribution to sport and work with young people in the community.

'It was a great evening.' said Mr Mayne. 'Young people were given their moment in the spotlight, recognizing their success and hard work, whilst parents had their moment of intense pride celebrating the achievements of their sons and daughters.'

Paston Foundation Prizes - recognising outstanding achievement

Art/Photography, Natalie Kinsley; Art and Design, Joshua Miller; Chemistry and Physics, John Halstead; Business, Peggy Baldwin; English Literature, Matt Stefanyszyn; Geography, Cathryn Brady; German, Claire Aygyle; Health and Social Care, Tessa Hewitt; History, Lewis Platten; IT, Manu Mathew; Law, Lucy Robson; Mathematics, Claire Argyle; Mathematics, Dale Rout; Performance Studies, Lauren Fuller; Sociology, Lauren Gregory; Media, Music & Film, Tom Buxton; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Amy Robinson.

Sportsperson of the Year, Michael Beane

Norfolk County Scholars -A-level grades A* - E , BTEC National Di (Distinction) Me (Merit)

Sophie Anderson (A*BB), Katie Appleby (AAB), Claire Argyle (A*AA), George Baker (DiDiMe), Peggy Baldwin (A* A*A), Alex Barnes (DiDIDi), Rebecca Bauldry (A*A*C), Max Blackman (DiDIDi), Annie Blake (DiDIDi), Stacey Bone (AAA), Bethany Bowyer (DiDIDi), Cathryn Brady (AAA), Sasha Catchpole (A*BB), James Clarke (DiDiMe), Harry Coleman (ABB), James Conley (AAB), Emily Cookson (A*AB), Robbie Cooper (DiDiDi), Victoria Covell (DiDiMe), Rhianne Curtis (DiDiDi).

Claire Dalrymple (DiDiDi), Gareth Daniels (DiDiDi), Haidee De Fraine (DiDiDi),

Becky Demmen (DiDiDi), Sophie Donovan (A*BB), Alasdair Dunlop (DiDiDi), Louise Edwards (A*BB), Harriet Fields (A*AA), Ryan Finch (AAA), Jasmine Fisher (ABB), Stephanie Ford (A*AB), Lizzie Gainsford (ABB), Katie Gilman (DiDiDi), Jonathan Glendenning-Smith (DiDiDi), Olivia Goodread (DiDiDi), Jack Goodspeed (DiDiDi), Leanne Grey (DiDiDi), Remie Grice (ABB).

Alex Hacking (ABB), Carla Hall (DiDiDi), John Halstead (A*A*A*). Rebecca Hamilton (A*AB), Isabel Hamshaw (AAB), Cecily Hann (AAB), Shona Hannant (A*AC), Georgina Harrod (A*AC), Tessa Hewitt (DiDiDi), Abbie Hickling (A*AA), Lauren Hickling (ABB), Jordan Hill (ABBC), Katherine Hodgson (AAB), Philippa Howard (ABB). Amy Jenkins (AAB), Ben Johnson (DiDiDI), Louie Jones (ABB), Leo Jupp (DiDiDi).

Paul Kenrick (ABB), Natalie Kinsley (A*A*C), Naomi Knowles (A*AB), Manu Mathew (DiDiMe), Imogen Mawbey-Adamson (AAA), Joshua Miller (DiDiDi), Henry Morris (DiDiMe), Jolie Morton (AAB), Ryan Oliver (DiDiDi), Katherine Pamment (DiDiMe). Sophie Parry (DiDiDi), Amorette Perkins (A*A*A), Madeline Price Thomas (DiDiDI), Hazel Rayner (DiDiDi), Amy Robinson (A*A*A), Lucy Robson (A*AB), Dale Rout (A*A*A).

Jessica Sadler (ABB), Becky Self (AAB), Dominic Smith (A*AB), Andrei Solomka (ABB), Jasmine Springett (DiDiDi), Jordan Taylor (DiDiDi), Daniel Thwaites (DiDiMe), David Turner (DiDiDi), Thomas Vaughan (AAB), Bethany Wales (DiDiDi), Emma Webster (A*A*A), Lucie Webster (ABB), Jessica Wharton (DiDiDi), Alex Whitbread (AAC), Molly Whitehall (A*A*A*), Jack Williams (DiDiDi), Paul Wyatt (DiDiDi), Alex Youngman (DiDiDi),

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