Parents banned from sports day at Howard Junior School in King’s Lynn after “threatening to punch teachers in the face”

Howard Junior School, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt

Howard Junior School, King's Lynn. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Parents have been banned from their children's sports day after a handful of them were 'aggressive' towards school staff.

It is alleged that they shouted abuse at teachers at Howard Junior School, in King's Lynn, and threatened to punch them in full view of school children.

In a letter sent to parents afterwards, headteacher Gregory Hill said a small minority had threatened staff 'in an intimidating and aggressive manner'.

He added: 'Abusive language has also been used, which is totally unacceptable in the presence of young children.

'All incidents of intimidation, violence or threatened violence will be reported to the police. Staff have the right to feel safe coming to school and if parents cannot conduct themselves appropriately then to ensure the safety of staff, pupils and indeed other parents we have decided that this year's sports day will take place with pupils only and unfortunately parents are not now invited.

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'Ultimately the behaviour of a small minority has ruined matters for all concerned.'

One mum, who did not want to be named, said she witnessed the incident.

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She said: 'I've witnessed some of it. Parents threatening to punch teachers in the face, witnessed by the children.

'Essentially there's a handful of parents who object to their kids being told off and they've snowballed it into a personal vendetta against Mr Hill.

'It's horrible that kids will be doing sports day without parents, but the way some parents have acted towards staff is appalling.

'My opinion is it's more important my kids are safeguarded from the abuse they've had to witness recently. If that means a short term ban on parents so be it.'

She said most parents backed Mr Hill, with some children sending letters to the headteacher showing their support.

A police spokesman said: 'Police have attended the school in response to low level public order incidents of a similar nature on June 5 and then again on July 3.

'The first incident has been finalised. No persons were charged or convicted. The second incident is still subject of investigation and we are unable to make further comment at this time.'

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