Ofsted says village school is ‘markedly’ better than before

Ormesby Village Junior School has achieved a clean sweep of 'goods' in its latest Ofsted Picture: Go

Ormesby Village Junior School has achieved a clean sweep of 'goods' in its latest Ofsted Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A village school has proved it can take on a challenge, be determined, and concentrate on the task in hand to achieve better things - much like its pupils.

Ormesby Junior School has won back the approval of Ofsted inspectors who rated it good in all areas as well as overall after issuing a 'could do better message' two years ago.

The latest report marks a return to form for the 170-pupil school where progress has been hailed across the board with children rising to meet expectations and teachers doing the same.

The watchdog had mainly good things to say about what went on in the classrooms in North Road hailing the 'caring ethos' where pupils are united regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.

The ten page report which relates to the visit from two inspectors in November is full of applause and notes the school has improved 'markedly', that children 'enjoy learning and achieve well', and that 'teachers and pupils share strong relationships.'

It goes on: 'They (the teachers) encourage pupils to enjoy their lessons and be positive about things they find difficult.

'Pupils are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.'

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Elsewhere the report states: 'Pupils enjoy challenging tasks and face them with determination.

'When given a choice of activities with different levels of difficulty pupils willingly try tasks that are difficult for them.

'Whether on their own or in groups pupils work hard in lessons.

'They support each other to live up to the high expectations that teachers set them.'

Pupils are also said to be friendly, polite, and well-mannered.

Absence has also continued to fall.

Overall the changes meant the more able pupils made good progress due to the high challenge provided, in contrast to the previous report which said some were not given 'the chance to shine.'

Pupils told inspectors they were making good progress and parents who responded to an Ofsted questionnaire agree their children were taught well.

On the downside there was more improvement to be made in science and some foundation subjects where outcomes were not as strong.

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