Norwich schoolchildren cry foul over dog mess

Pupils who felt sorry that their caretaker was having to deal with foul behaviour on the streets near their school have made it their mission to get dog owners to clean up their act.

Youngsters at Mousehold Infant and Nursery School were sad that their caretaker was having to clear up so much dog mess from outside the gates before the school day could start.

The Mousehold Avenue school's eco council, made up of one child from each of the school's nine classes, decided to take action.

They arranged a meeting with Norwich City Council's neighbourhood wardens and held an assembly to tell their schoolmates about the problem.

They then challenged the pupils to design posters urging dog owners to pick up their pets' mess.

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Dozens of children made posters and three winners, Ebony Kinder, Kieran Whiting and Matilda MacCallum, will see their creations put up outside the school.

Teacher and eco council leader Tessa Humphrey said: 'The children at Mousehold Infant and Nursery take pride in their school and think that it is very important to have a clean and safe environment to learn in.

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'The children felt it was unfair to leave the dog mess just outside the school gate and that it wasn't fair for the caretaker to have to clean it up every day.'

The council's neighbourhood wardens have also moved a waste bin which used to be near the school gates, which seems to have helped tackle the problem.

Robert Dowe, senior neighbourhood warden, said: 'It's amazing how much work the children have put into this.

'We all feel they have done an excellent job.'

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