Norfolk uniform policies for girls

Here is a list of uniform policies for female students' skirts at all state schools in Norfolk. In every instance (where stated and otherwise) trousers have been offered as an alternative.

Acle Academy

Girls can wear either black tailored full length trousers, not of chino or jean material, or a black tailored skirt; neither jersey materials nor short skirts, are acceptable.

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Alderman Peel High School

Girls can wear either black trousers or a knee length black skirt.

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Archbishop Sancroft High School

Having previously disallowed skirts under their old uniform policy, students are now (since September 2014) instructed to wear a regulation black skirt which is knee length at 20'.

Attleborough High School

Skirts under the uniform policy should be plain black, and sit just above the knee. They should not be wrap skirts, tight, or sit on the hips, not should they have any decorations or slits.

Aylsham High School

Girls may wear either charcoal grey A-line or pleated skirts, which must sit no more than 5cm above the knee, or black, navy, or dark grey trousers. Stretch, denim or corduroy fabrics or skirts with slits are not acceptable.

Broadland High School

Girls have the option of black trousers or skirts, neither of which are to be tight fitting or made of stretch materials. Both are required to be worn on the waist and skirts must be knee length.

Skirts should be knee length, worn on the waist and not be made of a tight lycra or stretchy material

Caister High School

Female students can wear the traditional black skirts and trousers providing they aren't made of denim, corduroy or stretch fabric.

City Academy Norwich

In keeping with what would be appropriate office wear, girls may wear tailored trousers or skirts; which must be knee length.

City of Norwich School

Regulations call for girls to wear smart and 'appropriate' skirts just above the knee, which aren't stretchy. Alternatively they may wear smart black school trousers; no leggings, jeggings or cropped trousers.

Cliff Park Ormiston Academy

Plain black skirts of knee length and trousers are prescribed for female students.

Cromer Academy

Ask that female students wear charcoal grey academy trousers or the charcoal grey pleated academy skirt

Dereham Neatherd High School

Either a plain navy or black tailored knee length skirt, or plain navy or black full length trousers. No figure hugging, tight, skinny trousers or leggings.

Diss High School

Below is the original uniform policy taken from the 2013/14 Prospectus.

Trousers worn by boys or girls must be black or medium grey, full length and plain (not denim, cord or casual style). Very tight trousers are not acceptable.

Girls have the option of a medium grey, plain skirt which must not be ankle length or more than 10cms above the knee. Details of the school skirt are available from the office.

Downham Market Academy

Skirts must be from the designated uniform supplier and are to be worn at knee length.

Fakenham Academy

Plain black knee length skirts; No denim, lycra or jersey and not short or tight fitting.

Flegg High School

Skirts: Navy blue, traditional style and material, with a centre pleat (a standard length of 20', special permission is required for alternative length).

Framingham Earl High School

There is a designated uniform skirt with the school logo to be worn no more than 2' above the knee. Any skirts other than the uniform skirt, or those that have become too small/short are not permitted.

Great Yarmouth High School

Girls may wear plain black trousers or a plain black skirt. No skirts should be above knee length. 'Short, tight skirts are not suitable and can result in embarrassing situations when pupils are walking up stairs, moving around in Drama lessons, bending to retrieve articles from bags etc.'

Hellesdon High School (Norwich)

Skirts: black, knee length (not tight fitting and not jersey.)

Hethersett High School (Norwich)

Knee length skirts available from The Norwich School wear centre.

The Hewett School (Norwich)

Girls may wear plain black skirts in traditional material; not silk, satin, velvet, corduroy etc.

Shorts, Flares, leggings, cropped or skin tight Trousers, Tracksuit / leisure trousers or shorts, Combat trousers / shorts, Mini skirts or any other 'fashion' skirts are not permitted.

Hobart High School (Loddon)

Skirt: plain traditional knee length in black or navy blue woven material. (Please note that lycra or other styles of fashion skirts are not suitable.)

Iceni Academy (Methwold)

Girls are required to wear a knee length black skirt (or trousers).

King Edward VII High School (King's Lynn)

Plain dark grey, black or navy blue, knee length skirts in a traditional style.

King's Lynn Academy

Girl's skirts are to be just below knee length.

Litcham School

Black skirts which should be formal, plain and at least knee length. Vertical pleats are permitted but not horizontal pleats/frills. Hipster-style and jersey-style, tight-fitting skirts are not permitted.

Long Stratton High School

Girls must wear a black skirt (no longer than calf length and no shorter than 2 inches above the knee), or black trousers (not jeans or combat trousers). All skirts must be purchased from the school wear shop.

Lynn Grove High School

Girls may wear a black straight skirt with single back vent. Skirts must 'sit on' the knee, or be of a minimum length of 22'. Skirts must not be lycra, tube or pleated.

Marshland High School (Wisbech)

Black skirts of a reasonable length around the knee, not made of denim or corduroy fabric.

Nicholas Hamond Academy (Swaffham)

Girls skirts ought to be knee length, straight skirts of formal design/fabric (not figure hugging or stretch material).

Northgate High School (East Dereham)

Or Plain black or charcoal-grey skirt of about knee length. No short skirts. No skirts above knee length. 'Short, tight skirts are just not suitable and can result in embarrassing situations when pupils are walking up stairs, moving around in Drama lessons, bending to retrieve articles from bags etc.'

North Walsham High School

Plain black (knee length) skirt (tight, fashion skirts are not acceptable).

Notre Dame High School (Norwich)

Girls skirts must be the school bottle green, and straight but not tight. No more than 2 inches above or below the knee.

Old Buckenham High School

Girls should wear a black skirt of school style it may be pleated or straight, with no slits. Skirts must be an acceptable length, on or slightly above the knee.

Open Academy (Norwich)

Skirts/Trousers must be black, skirts must be knee length

Ormiston Venture Academy (Great Yarmouth)

Grey skirt that must sit on the knee, without compromise. To that end, skirts are available in lengths of 18', 20' and 22'.

Ormiston Victory Academy (Costessey)

Girls have the choice of trousers or a skirt. All skirts must be knee length.

Reepham High School

An RSHC box pleated knee length skirt, only available from Birds of Dereham store.

St Clement's High School (Terrington St Clement)

Girls skirts must be navy blue or black.

Sewell Park College (Norwich)

Smart black skirts; at a minimum length of 10cm above the knee

Girls may wear black knee length tailored shorts in the summer term.

Sheringham High School and Sixth Form Centre

Skirts should be straight or pleated and no shorter than 7.5cm above the knee or longer than 5cm below the knee. Tulip and tube styles and lycra material are not allowed.

Smithdon High School (Hunstanton)

Plain black knee length skirt in a traditional style (short, tight fitting, lycra skirts are not permitted).

Springwood High School (King's Lynn)

Girls may wear trousers or the school skirt, which must be purchased from the school.

Sprowston Community High School

Skirts must be black, knee length only.

Stalham High School

Girl's skirts must be knee length, not of a stretchy material and no more than two fingers width above the knee.

Taverham High School

Girls may wear a plain black skirt of at least knee length.

The Thetford Academy (Thetford)

Girls can wear black trousers or black skirts to the knee.

Thorpe St Andrew School

Female students can wear knee length skirts (traditional style, suitable for the working environment; not stretchy). However it is 'strongly recommend that trousers are the more suitable item for school'

Wayland Academy Watton

All girls are required to wear the official skirt supplied by the SWI uniform store.

Wymondham College

Skirts are designed to be knee length and must be worn on the waist (not on the hips). The waistband must not be folded over, and the button must be done up.

Wymondham High School

Girls must wear a grey knee-length a-line skirt with an inverted pleat at the front. This is to be worn with long navy blue/black socks or tights; to be worn at all times – no bare legs, (white ankle socks can be worn in the summer).

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