How much of a problem is bullying in Norfolk’s schools?

Does your child feel safe from bullying at school? Have they experienced bullying in the past? Share

Does your child feel safe from bullying at school? Have they experienced bullying in the past? Share your experiences in our survey. Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We'd like to hear from families whose children who have been bullied in school, to find out how common bullying still is and how effectively schools are dealing with it.

Hearing that your child is being bullied, whatever the reason and whatever form it takes, is one of the most painful experiences for a parent.

Research by this newspaper found the growing prevalence of cyber-bullying was diverting attention and resources away from "old-fashioned" physical and verbal bullying.

In a survey last year YMCA England and Wales found more than half of 11 to 16-year-olds had been bullied because of their appearance, while a YouGov poll published in July this year found bullying based on sexuality was the most common type in UK schools over abuse based on race, religion and gender.

Meanwhile research published in June showed schools in England had the worst problems with cyber-bullying - for example on social media or via text and instant messaging - of any developed country.

With bullying in schools there is only so much that families can do to try and stop it, with schools taking the lead - but how well these situations are managed can vary.

We'd like to hear the experiences of parents, grandparents and carers whose children or grandchildren have been bullied in school.

Please complete the form below; there is an option to leave contact details on the form if you're happy to be contacted further about your experiences.

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