New Year’s resolutions - ‘Failure is a big part of success’

PUBLISHED: 11:00 28 February 2017

Have you kept to your New Year's Resolutions? Picture: GettyImages/iStockPhoto

Have you kept to your New Year's Resolutions? Picture: GettyImages/iStockPhoto


So, it’s been more than one month since New Year’s Day, and I guarantee that 25pc of the resolution-making population have broken their New Year’s promises. But in my opinion, there is no need to make it a big deal.

We shouldn’t need an excuse to try to change who we are, because every day should be seen as a new opportunity. Why should we wait for New Year’s Day to come around? We can all make changes now.

By making our New Year’s Resolutions seem so important around Christmas time, we add to a heaping pile of post-Christmas blues – when we don’t initially succeed.

Then, we give up. We call ourselves failures. We compare ourselves to other, more successful, people.

The truth is this: Failure is a big part of success, and big improvements don’t occur of their own accord.

Making big changes to ourselves and our lives takes dedication, self-appreciation and time.

Moreover, many goals aren’t as simple as eating less chocolate or exercising more – and some may never be complete.

One possible reason why we are often unable to complete our resolutions – is that we take on too many goals at once.

It is likely that you have witnessed examples of New Year’s Resolutions that are two or three pages long.

Is it wrong to set many goals for ourselves? No. But, does it impede our ability to focus on the most important changes we want to make in our lives? Possibly.

Why have 20 goals when we can dedicate our free time to one or two? Instead of listing everything we suck at, we should pinpoint the one thing that truly means something to us and try to succeed at it gradually.

More importantly, the New Year shouldn’t be about listing our flaws or what we need to improve, it should be about feeling awesome about the past 365 days and what we’ve already accomplished in our lives.

• More than one month in, have you managed to stick to your New Year’s Resolution? Tell us about your ongoing goals for 2017 in the comments below.

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