Listed: The ten reportable accidents at the University of East Anglia in 2012-13

Library picture of the UEA. Picture: Bill Smith

Library picture of the UEA. Picture: Bill Smith - Credit: Archant © 2011

The number of accidents at the University of East Anglia has fallen by a third since 2006.

Figures release by the university showed there were 305 accidents in the calendar year 2006, compared to 202 in the academic year 2012-13..

In 2012, the UEA was required to change its reporting for national statistics purposes, from calendar year to academic year.

A UEA spokesman said: 'We take the safety of staff, students and visitors to UEA very seriously and work continuously to ensure a safe, welcoming campus and work environment. Where individual accidents identify any defect in premises, or a need to change procedures, these are addressed.'

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According to a report to the UEA's council, there were 10 reportable accidents in 2012-13, compared to nine in 2012 and nine in 2011.

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Here are the 10 reportable accidents from 2012-13 listed in a report to the UEA's council:

• a cleaner fractured her ankle when she slipped on a step

• a cleaner injured her hand as a result of slipping on a drain cover

• a lecturer suffered a deep cut to the knee and a twisted foot from slipping and falling on stairs

• a cleaner twisted her ankle due to slipping on a path

• a student scalded her hand making a cup of tea in a catering outlet

• a visitor was bruised her knee after tripping over a raised paving slab

• a visitor hurt his wrist after slipping on ice on a pavement

• an employee of a company based on campus was hurt after slipping on ice in the car park

• a student was cut when a glass flask broke in his hand

• a visitor cut their finger when a glass measuring cylinder broke in his hand

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