High expectations: Cromer Academy gives pupils short shrift on uniform policy

Cromer Academy has issued a reminder of its uniform policy. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Cromer Academy has issued a reminder of its uniform policy. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Parents are being urged to ensure their children are dressed appropriately for school following concerns that girls are rolling their skirts up around their waist to make them shorter.

Cromer Academy issued a reminder of its uniform policy in a letter signed by Principal Dr Geoff Baker.

It warned skirts should be no shorter than three inches above the knee to avoid any 'modesty issues'.

The letter also reminded parents that dyed hair, heavy make-up, facial piercings, nail varnish and designer trainers are banned.

The behaviour team revealed it was keen to ensure 'high expections' are met when the school returns after the Easter break.

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The letter to parents states: 'We have noticed an increase in the use of make-up, in particular heavily made up eyebrows, eyeliner flicks, brightly coloured lipsticks and over-use of foundation.

'We do permit make-up, however it should be minimal and discreet and nail varnish is not to be worn.

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'Hair should not be dyed with permanent unnatural colours and any acrylic/gel nails are to be removed before we return back after Easter.'

It adds: 'Jewellery can be worn but should be limited to one pair of stud earrings, a wristwatch or medical alert bracelet/necklace or religious necklaces and charity badges the academy supports. No other forms of body or facial piercings are permitted and it is not acceptable to cover such piercings with a plaster.'

Earlier this year, it was announced that ties were set to be made compulsory for girls at Cromer Academy following a review of its uniform policy.

The announcement followed the decision by Broadland High School's new headteacher, Aron Whiles, to ban hoodies and introduce a new strict dress code - which included the specific request that ties should be no more, or less, than 12 stripes in length, with those who failed to adhere to the new rules threatened with sanctions.

The latest guidance from Cromer Academy continues: 'In relation to uniform, students should wear plain ankle socks (not patterned or brightly coloured), or black opaque or natural tights (without holes!).

'We have noticed that skirts are becoming very short or that girls are rolling up the skirt around their waists to make them shorter. These should be of an acceptable length.

'Finally, we would remind you that footwear should be a black formal-style leather look shoe, with a low heel, not Vans or labelled designer trainers or plimsolls.'

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