Future Voices: What do the summer blockbusters have in store for us?

How will the sequel compare to How To Train Your Dragon?

How will the sequel compare to How To Train Your Dragon? - Credit: PA

With the beginning of summer comes the blockbuster season, and with it, the usual array of action, fantasy and sci fi films that are released, featuring a plethora of CGI. Some of the most anticipated of these films include:

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

If you're looking for outlandish fights involving giant robots, then Transformers: Age Of Extinction looks to be your film. However, knowing Ehren Kruger and Michael Bay's previous efforts with the Transformers franchise, if you're looking for cheap jokes, racial stereotypes and subplots that take up more screen-time than the explosions everyone came to see, this may also be your film. My expectations are extremely low, but it does look to be better than its predecessors – particularly with Mark Wahlberg, who is able to give incredibly entertaining performances in bad films, replacing Shia LaBeouf – and is likely to please fans of the previous films and be a commercial success (even if it will probably be a critical failure).

Guardians of the Galaxy

Personally, this is the film I am most anticipating this summer, despite my usual lack of interest in Marvel Studios. It's unlikely to be cinematically relevant to future generations, but it doesn't aim to be; this is a film that promises well-choreographed action (which is one thing this studio always succeeds beautifully at), witty writing, and a delightfully eccentric cast of characters – and let's be honest, any film in which our heroes include a raccoon and sentient tree who fight to save the galaxy is bound to be at least worth seeing for the sheer intrigue of it.

You may also want to watch:

How To Train Your Dragon 2

The sequel to the 2010 film How To Train Your Dragon has received critical acclaim since its release, and seems to be the film young people are most excited about this summer, for good reason. An enchanting fantasy with impressive visuals, action and genuine drama that also features dragons is an automatic win with most people (myself included).

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In conclusion, this summer will probably not be remembered as the greatest time ever for films, or even as a particularly memorable one, but there do look to be some diamonds in the box office's coalmine this year.

Summer Sapiano, 15, Hellesdon High School

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