Future Voices: Three great ideas for DIY Christmas gifts

Will you make your own Christmas presents this year?

Will you make your own Christmas presents this year? - Credit: Getty Images

We all know that awkward moment when you realise that there's only one week until Christmas and you still haven't found the perfect gift. Finding amazing presents for your friends and family isn't as easy as it sounds. Ever thought about making the gifts yourself?

Not everybody is a creative genius, so here is my top three simple, yet perfect gifts that don't take much time:

Christmas Cookie in a Jar

We all know someone who likes a sugary treat at Christmas. So here is an easy creation that anyone with a sweet tooth would love. All you need is your regular cookie ingredients and clean jar. Simply measure out your ingredients and one by one pour them into your jar, layering them. Make sure that the extras e.g. chocolate chips or smarties, are put in last. Then screw on the lid. Don't forget to include some baking instructions and to decorate your jar, making it perfect and personalised.

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Sharpie Mug

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Christmas is the perfect time for a hot drink, so why not personalise a mug? All you need a mug and an oil based sharpie. Simply draw your design on the mug then bake it for 30 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius (around 430 degree Fahrenheit.) Make sure you place the mug in the oven before turning it on, and leave it to cool with the oven to avoid chipping. And that's it, a personalised mug that looks shop bought.

Personalised Calendars

As more of personalized gift, there are plenty of websites in which you can create a personalised calendar and various other presents. You can fill this with favourite pictures and remember those moments throughout 2016.

Taylor Ball, 13, Gorleston

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