Future Voices: “There are many ‘bootiful’ things about Norfolk; these are just a few...”

Future Voices - dancers. Photo by Jessica Luther, 17 from King’s Lynn

Future Voices - dancers. Photo by Jessica Luther, 17 from King’s Lynn - Credit: Archant

The best thing about growing up in Norfolk...where do you begin? After careful consideration. I have found my top five best things.

1. Norfolk boasts many beautiful beaches with plenty to entertain, from crabbing at Cromer, to swimming at Sea Palling, you will always find something to enjoy.

2. Our beloved Norwich homes many attractions like the castle, cathedral and the puppet theatre. Not to mention the vast range of shops with cater for a bit of retail therapy.

3. Simple things matter in life; you cannot beat a slide and a swing. Across the county you will find playgrounds to spend hours running around in. These areas of mystery bring a lot of joy, whether five or 15, they never fail to disappoint.

4. Fish and chips anyone? One of the perks of having a fabulous coastline is that fabulous fish and chips come with it. It seems to be a tradition really, fish, chips, sea air. You just cannot beat it.

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5. My final point is the opportunity to be close to nature and adventure into the wilderness. The miles and miles of open air that line our land. Give perfect locations for building dens and great tress for tyre swings.

There are many 'bootiful' things about Norfolk; these are just a few that are amongst a long list of others.

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Laura Wright, 15, from Long Stratton

Future Voices is a section of the EDP that is written by young people. We recently recruited a new group of young people to form the editorial team and as part of their application they had to answer this question: What is the best thing about growing up in Norfolk? This is one of the winning articles.

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