Future Voices: The free app that might help you find your ‘future you’

The Future You app is free to download.

The Future You app is free to download. - Credit: Archant

In East Anglia, quite often we can seem so cut off from the rest of the world. Many of us young people can't wait to go out and explore the bigger world when we're older.

There's no doubt that major cities like London are an exciting destination and it may be where you see yourself, but there are many great career options right here in Norfolk that you may have never thought about.

Norfolk County Council has launched a free app, Future You. There is also an online version you can easily access through the link below.

The app, which is easy to use and navigate, gives young people growing up in Norfolk a digital tool so they can be individually matched to a career that suits them.

Based on your skills, experience and interests, the app and website will personally point you towards potential jobs in the key growth areas of Norfolk: energy, engineering, life sciences, creative industries, financial services and health and social care.

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This could suit you down to the ground, and open up new possibilities that probably haven't ever crossed your mind before.

One of the other incredibly useful features of the app is the wealth of knowledge and advice available to you. You will be presented with information on how to create the perfect CV, and you will be shown links to apprenticeships that could help you in your chosen path.

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There's a real sense of progression in each and every role, ranging from getting good GCSE results and work experience, to hopefully finally landing your dream job.

There is proof of the success that you can achieve as well, highlighted by the six real-life stories of young people just like you achieving their goal. There is one interesting and helpful individual account for each of the sectors that really gives you an insight into the prospective professions that are open to you.

Although you may already have your mind made up on what you want from your future, which is great, download the app and give it a go and you might just be surprised at what it throws up.

The very least it will do is give you some invaluable help and tips. All of these little things will help shape the 'future you' wherever that might be.

Visit the website at here.

Aaron Cahill, 17, Attleborough

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