Future Voices: Selfie or Scrapbook, Photos or Facebook?

Facebook or scrapbook - which would you choose?

Facebook or scrapbook - which would you choose? - Credit: PA

Twelve months ago I began a scrapbook. It is filled with holiday photos, concert tickets and newspaper cuttings and I hope that in years to come it will be passed down throughout my family.

It also got me wondering, how will people be remembered in the future? Will people be digging around for Facebook passwords in years to come rather than for time capsules?

I've summed up the pros and cons of scrapbooking and facebooking:

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Scrapbook: Pages can become worn and ripped after many fingers flicking through the pages.

Facebook: No matter how many clicks, Facebook albums will never get worn out…or will they?

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Scrapbook: Who is that person? – Photos may not be clearly labelled, leaving people in the future unsure of who is posing in the pictures alongside you.

Facebook: Facebook lets you tag your friends and family in the posts. This will ensure people in the future know which Aunt is standing next to you in that birthday photo.

Scrapbook: Scrapbooks let you decide which photos are selected and stop your great grandchildren laughing at you wearing a onesie.

Facebook: With over 200 million photos being posted each day there are sure to be a few embarrassing photos in the mix, and once a photo is online it is very easy to download and save!

Scrapbook: Physical items are relatively easy to hand down to family members.

Facebook: How do you access a Facebook account if you don't know the password? We risk never being able to access other people's property after they're gone.

Scrapbook: Scrapbooks run the risk of being thrown out during house moves or could be lost forever in a fire or burglary.

Facebook: No matter where you go, you can always access Facebook. That is, if the internet is still around in years to come?!

Once a photo is printed out it is very difficult to alter it, therefore these pictures show a more realistic representation of the person.

Filters and Photoshop now make it very easy to edit photos and change the way we look. Do online photos truly represent the subject?

Whether you choose selfies over scrapbooks or photos rather than Facebook, what legacy will you leave behind?

Emily Oxbury, 14, Blofield

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