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Future Voices. Pictured: finance. Picture: Supplied

Future Voices. Pictured: finance. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Supplied

I've spoken to loads of young people from across Norfolk about how their schools taught them to stay safe. I received a variety of feedback, positive and negative. Some young people say they spent too much time on it while others don't even touch on the subject. At my school, most of what we were taught was about being safe online and happened in year 10.

But a recurring theme in schools is that there is no teaching or advice on staying safe with finance. This is something that is vital to young people for the future because without it we're more likely to end up in debt, which could affect our futures.

You would think schools would give more advice and teaching on finance considering schools should prepare you for the future. It is also concerning when students come back and say 'we get taught more on spots than finance' or 'teachers feel embarrassed to talk about the situations so they avoid it'.

Finance is an important factor in everyone's life after leaving education and without being taught how to stay safe in terms of finance in schools, how are young people expected to manage in the future? This should be a vital asset to the curriculum, yet it's not on there at all.

On a positive note, a lot of schools have been credited for teaching students to stay safe whenever a big event is coming up in the area, with some schools even bringing in a PC to give some advice and guidance.

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In conclusion, from my own experience and talking to other students, schools have been praised by the way they handle big events and staying safe online, but could improve on teaching students how to stay safe in financial situations.

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Kieren Buxton, 16 – Member of Norfolk Youth Parliament for Norwich South

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