Future Voices: Have you spotted these 12 signs of Christmas?

The John Lewis Christmas advert is one of the 12 signs of Christmas.

The John Lewis Christmas advert is one of the 12 signs of Christmas. - Credit: PA

December 25 is drawing ever closer, and every day 'it's beginning to look a lot (more) like Christmas'. How many of my 12 signs of Christmas have you spotted?

1. Sleeps til' Santa - A real radio classic, I've been listening to it for years on Heart, as if I need reminding how many days it is until Christmas!

2. Roses or Quality Street? – Always a good debate in the run up to Christmas. One person wants roses, somebody else prefers Quality Street and then someone else pops up wanting heroes? Just get a box of each.

3. John Lewis Advert - The most anticipated advert of the year. This Christmas we have witnessed the story of 'the man of the moon.' Will you be getting a telescope in your stocking this year and going on a search for the man on the moon?

4. Stamps - Each year the Royal Mail create a beautiful set of Christmas-related stamps. See how many different designs will you be able to find on your Christmas cards this year.

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5. TV – Whether it be Home Alone or Narnia, Downton Abbey or Doctor Who, the Christmas TV schedule is always packed full of festive films and shows. So, how will you decide which ones to watch?! Maybe this will help...

6. Radio Times - To me, the Radio Times is a true sign of Christmas. Get your highlighters at the ready to circle your favourites and be prepared to fight your family for the TV remote!

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7. Coffee Cups - Yes, they're back! Once again, Costa and Starbucks have brought the return of their festive cups. It's a perfect excuse for a hot chocolate during your last-minute Christmas shopping.

8. Lights - Across Norfolk, every town centre is sparkling! This year, Norwich's city centre lights were switched on by YouTube stars Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman, and that's not the only Christmas activity they're up to...

9. Vlogmas - Cameras at the ready, vlogmas is back! Along with Tanya and Jim, many YouTubers will be taking part in the challenge of vlogging every day until Christmas. Grab yourself a cup of tea and get ready to watch all the videos just a click away!

10. Supermarkets - Mince pies, wrapping paper and turkeys are just a few of the many items lining the supermarkets Christmas shelves this winter season. But hurry, you don't want to be left with the smallest turkey!

11. Trees – But you can't forget one of the most traditional parts – Christmas Trees! As you drive past all the houses along your street make sure to try and spot all the trees in the windows.

12. Jumpers - What will be on your jumper this year? Rudolph, or even Father Christmas himself? Christmas jumpers even have their own day, December 18th will see celebs, schools and workplaces raising money for charity, all through the power of Christmas jumpers!

Emily Oxbury, 14, Blofield

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