Future Voices: Four tips to beat those autumn blues

Future Voices: Sarah Betts' dog

Future Voices: Sarah Betts' dog - Credit: Archant

Let's face it, opinion is divided on autumn and winter. It can be cold, windy and exasperatingly inconvenient for one's hair. But don't worry - this isn't the zombie apocalypse - here are four things that will make the two coldest seasons of the year a little less harrowing.

1. Fluffy things.

No matter your gender or age, fluffy things have the most phenomenal ability of making everything better. This can mean anything from wearing woolly hats, to snuggling with animals (preferably live), to wrapping yourself up in cuddly blankets.

2. Warmth-inducing food.

There's nothing better to replicate the fuzzy euphoria of cuddling by a warm fire than a delicious hot bowl of comfort food.

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3. An outwardly indestructible positive mental attitude.

Being positive can't really go wrong. Just don't go over the top, you don't want your friends and colleagues throwing things at you in pessimistic annoyance.

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4. Shoes that (if possible) don't make you want to die.

Although stiletto heels are arguably great ice-picks, this one benefit hardly outperforms the whole 'comfort issue' and the distinct possibility of purple feet and a broken ankle.

Although autumn and winter aren't completely unbearable, it might be a good idea to follow some of the advice above whenever you're feeling blue this season.

Here's a photo of my furry-friend taking my advice.

Sarah Betts, 16, Reepham High School and College

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