Flegg High School pupil’s last day celebrations cancelled

PUPILS leaving Flegg High school have been told that their last day ahead of their GCSEs this summer has been cancelled.

An estimated 120 students in year 11 at the Martham school expecting to say their farewells today were told in a meeting at 2.30pm yesterday that their leaving day had been axed.

Tina Alcock was shocked by the news after her daughter Natalie called her following the announcement.

She said: 'She wasn't very happy with the news when she rang and to be honest I couldn't believe it when I heard.

'I think it's disgusting really- the kids have lost out on their last day.'

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The school issued a letter yesterday which said that the cancellation of the final day was to give students more time for study leave.

It added: 'Year 11 pupils have overwhelmingly asked for as much time at home as possible to prepare for exams and we are confident that this will help them.

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'Pupils will register in their examination, then once the exam has finished, leave the site, returning only to register and take their next exam as appropriate'

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