Cromer school pupils have fun with science and maths


The children at Suffield Park Infant School in Cromer have taken part in a Science and Maths Investigation week.

The children in Reception read the story Whatever Next and explored travelling into space.

They learnt about planets and the moon, and then they created rockets using junk materials and launched them. They also investigated materials that are waterproof and would make good space helmets.

The Year One children used the story of Little Red Riding Hood for inspiration. The children had to design and make baskets using different materials. They then investigated how many grams the bag would hold before it broke. They also had great fun exploring magnets and magnetism.

The Year Two children focussed on electricity and materials. They learnt how to create a circuit and what materials would conduct electricity. The children especially enjoyed investigating which paper would make the best paper plane. They then measured how far they had flown. The messy play day was a great success with the children exploring what would happen if materials were pulled, pushed, squashed and squeezed.

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