Crisp Maltings show pupils from Rudham and Weasenham primaries how their science transforms north Norfolk grain

Pupils took part in a Magic of Malt workshop helped by staff from Crisp Maltings, looking at the mal

Pupils took part in a Magic of Malt workshop helped by staff from Crisp Maltings, looking at the malt process. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Pupils learned what happens to those rolling fields of Norfolk barley when scientists from the company which malts it came to school.

Experts from Crisp Maltings, at Great Ryburgh, visited Rudham C of E Primary as part of British Science Week.

They showed Year 5 and 6 pupils from Rudham and nearby Weasenham Primary the different stages which turn grain from the fields into malt ready for brewing or making cereals.

Frances Brace from Crisp said: 'Every year we do something for science week. It's trying to inspire young people about science and particularly the food supply chain.

'It would be a shame for them to grow up not understanding what happens to the crops growing around them.'

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Headteacher Belinda Allen said: 'It's that field to fork thing, it's so important they understand the origins of the bread they eat and what's in their cereals.

'It's good we've got a company like Crisp coming in to do this with them.

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'It's also inspiring for the girls, it's really good for them to see it's not a man's world, it's something anyone can take part in.'

Crisp intake supervisor Rebecca Gee and her team demonstrated how the crop coming in from the field was checked for unwanted additions like feathers and stones, before being cleaned and processed for malting.

Pupil Mollie Davis, 11, said: 'I didn't know malting had all these steps. I didn't think science was to do with this stuff.'

Fellow pupil Adam Pitkin-Bovington said: 'It's been quite a fun day, I've never really experienced this before.'

Pupils from Rudham and Weasenham will be heading for France along with children from neary Sculthorpe, Raynham and Colkirk primary schools in a few days' time.

A party of 44 youngsters will visit the Normandy Beaches, Bayeux Tapestry, stay at a chateau and Parisian hotel, and visit Disneyland Paris during a five day cross-Channel study trip.

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