‘You’d have blown everyone away’ - teacher’s inspiring message to pupils as exams cancelled

Harleston's Archbishop Sancroft High School.Picture: Nick Butcher

Harleston's Archbishop Sancroft High School.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The closure of schools and cancellation of exams will have come as a frustration to the thousands of students on the brink of finally taking their exams.

But at Archbishop Sancroft High School (ASHS), in Harleston, one year 11 maths teacher shared a message of inspiration to their students. We have included it in full below.

Dear all,

You will have seen on the news that schools across the country are to close by the end of the week. You have also seen that exams are likely to be delayed or cancelled or changed. Do not fear. At a minimum you are in the same position as 600,000 others of your age all around the country.

Think about what you have become in your time at ASHS. Think about the amazing atmosphere that you all created in our maths lessons. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all 600 or so of the maths lessons we have shared together. If we ever had a bad lesson, that was my fault, not yours.

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Occasionally I was exhausted by the sheer volume of work we were all doing. But they were the best lessons. Amazing isn’t it that we have shared 600 hours of our lives? If I can support you in any way in the days, weeks, maybe months ahead then I will do so.

You are all very special people. I know that if the year had concluded normally you would have blown everyone away by your excellence.

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Now things are maybe different but your excellence isn’t, it remains. You might think you are ‘little old ASHS’ in ‘little old Harleston’. You are wrong. I would happily put you all up against anything and anyone that any other school can offer. You would come out on top.

It was amazing to see some of you at the end of today and I know some us - mainly me - got a little emotional. That’s ok. We are emotional because we care. We all care for each other.

As you eventually move on to pastures new remember ASHS. It’s a truly special place. It’s a truly special place because all 500 people from age 11 to age 99 (I’m not that old!) care for everyone else in a way that is unique.

I know you all will be humble and I know some of you will have self doubt but be strong. When the dust settles and life returns to ‘normal’, play your part in making it a better ‘normal’. It is you, all of you, who will lead that future. Make the world in the future a kinder place.

In the meantime we can’t go out anywhere so we might as well do some work. I’ll get some ‘easy’ stuff (remember everything is easy!) to you for Friday’s lesson.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

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