Community come together to toast Hockwold Primary’s 100th birthday

Iceni Academy Hockwold pupils release 100 balloons for its centenary

Iceni Academy Hockwold pupils release 100 balloons for its centenary - Credit: Archant

Faces from a village primary school's past and present have come together to celebrate 100 years of educating the community.

Iceni Academy Hockwold, formerly Hockwold Primary School, moved to its current site on July 5, 1914, from its former site just yards away on Main Road.

Former teachers joined current staff yesterday to swap stories and see the release of 100 balloons to mark the centenary.

The school was also opened to the public, with a chance to learn about the school's history with a display produced by pupils, complete with artefacts from its past.

Like any good birthday party, there was cake, provided by parents, and a sing-song, with pupils performing a number in the playground for visitors.

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Emma Owner, assistant principal, said she had been at the school for 10 years and had grown to love it.

'It's a small and very friendly school. Our parents are really supportive and the children are really enthusiastic with everything we do,' she said.

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Delving into the school's archives for the history display had shown the changes in education over the past 100 years, she added.

'Things like there being no regulation or Ofsted, and the types of discipline, seemed so different.

'The thing that has stayed the same is that the children are at the heart of everything we do,' she said.

Joyce Froud, a headteacher at the school for 25 years from 1965, was a visitor on the day.

She said: 'It's a great village community and I taught three generations of them.

'It's been extended since my time here and I can remember the 70th anniversary and thinking that 2014 was such a long way off.'

The school became an academy in 2012.

Year 6 pupils Mia Willcox, Jack Brown and Jack Greaney, all 11, said their history project had been revealing.

Mia said: 'It looked like it was all in black and white and because it was a Victorian building we have got blackboards and old fireplaces still.'

Jack Brown said: 'The discipline was really different as people used to get the cane or the slipper.'

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