Broadland High School bans hoodies and short ties

Broadland High School headteacher Aron Whiles. Photo: Tom Rayfield/Broadland High

Broadland High School headteacher Aron Whiles. Photo: Tom Rayfield/Broadland High - Credit: Tom Rayfield, head of computing at Broadland High School

A new headteacher appointed at a secondary school in Norfolk has immediately issued a ban on hoodies and imposed a strict dress code.

Aron Whiles has introduced the stricter dress code, which includes ties being 12 stripes in length, after taking up his position at Broadland High School in Hoveton this week.

As well as the ban on hoodies and non-uniform sweatshirts, he has instructed pupils that top buttons on shirts must be done up, ties must be 12 stripes in length and meet the top button, and coats are not to be worn inside the school building.

The new rules, which are being explained to every parent in a letter sent out today (Friday), are set to be implemented from Monday, April 18.

On a post on the school's Facebook page, Mr Whiles, who revealed he felt 'privileged' to join the school, said: 'In my early weeks and months it is not my intention to introduce any significant changes to the school. This said, from my recent visits it has become very clear that school uniform is not of the standard I would expect from students at Broadland High School.

'Whilst many students do have the correct school uniform and wear it with pride, there are unfortunately a number of students who do not wear their uniform to the required standard on a daily basis.

'In my assemblies this week I have spoken to all year groups and clearly outlined my expectations for school uniform.'

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The new dress code states: Shirts will be tucked in at all times; Top buttons on shirts will be done up; Ties will be 12 stripes in length and meet the top button; Blazers will be worn at all times (except on the field/ hard courts and in classrooms when permission is given by the teacher); No hoodies/non-uniform jumpers or sweatshirts in school (this will include PE); Sports Leaders/Listeners hoodies only to be worn as specified by staff leading these activities; Year 11 Leavers hoodies will be permitted to/from school and at social times outside the school building (due to this being previously agreed); and Coats will not be worn inside the school building.

Mr Whiles added: 'Whilst I anticipate that the vast majority of students will meet these expectations fully, for those who do not, 'no excuses' debits will be recorded resulting in the appropriate in-school sanctions being issued.

'I would ask that all parents and carers fully support the school in improving our uniform standards. Should you have any questions relating to these expectations or your child's school uniform in general, please do not hesitate to contact your child's Form Tutor in the first instance.'

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