As A-level results day looms, tell us about your own worst exam experiences

A student taking an exam

A student taking an exam - Credit: PA

With A-level students waiting nervously for their exam results, we are asking readers to tell us their own worst exam experiences.

Many students are feeling the pressure as they prepare to open that all-important results envelope on Thursday, and find out the outcome of two year's of hard work and study.

But although some might be feeling a bit pessimistic, we want to offer them a little crumb of comfort, and show them that other people have had it much worse.

So, to help us do this, please tell us about your own worst exam experiences.

Did you ever get your get the time wrong and turn up three hours late for French? Did all your pens ever run out, leaving you to finish your English essay in blood? Were you ever up so late cramming the night before that you fell asleep half way through your final maths paper?

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