Are you happy with the cost of school uniforms?

Fewer parents are happy with the cost of school uniforms.

Fewer parents are happy with the cost of school uniforms.

Parents are increasingly unhappy about the cost of school uniforms, according to new government research.

The findings come despite evidence that all items of school uniforms, apart from school bags, had become cheaper since 2007, after inflation was taken into account.

The survey of 1,200 parents of state school pupils aged four to 16 found that 69pc were 'very happy' or 'quite happy' with the cost of school uniform and PE kit - down from 75pc in 2007.

However, there was a big difference in satisfaction levels between different age groups. Among parents of primary school children, 77pc were happy with uniform costs, compared to 58pc of parents of high school pupils.

The average total spending on primary school uniform between September 2014 and February 2015 was £192.14 for boys and £201.04 for girls; for high schools, it was £231.01 for boys, and £239.93 for girls.

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The cost of PE kits had also fallen since 2007, apart from skirts and hockey boots.

The survey also pointed to a resurgence for the school blazer.

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In 2007, 26pc of parents said their child's school required them to have a blazer. The figure for 2015 is 35pc.

The preference for blazers was particularly pronounced in high schools that are academies, where 81pc of parents said a blazer was required. For figure for non-academy high schools was 70pc.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: 'We are determined that no child is disadvantaged because of uniform costs, and so it is encouraging that the overall costs of school uniform have decreased.

'We know there is no room for complacency, however, which is why we have made clear to schools that they should keep uniform costs to a minimum and prioritise value for money for parents.'

Are you happy with the cost of school uniforms? Should children wear a blazer? Email or comment below.

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