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Alice Kent (top left), Elizabeth Haynes (bottom left), Melissa Brown (top right), and Hayley Webster / Scott (bottom right), judged this year's inaugural Norfolk Day Drabble writing competition - Credit: SUPPLIED / (Melissa Brown) STUART HELLINGSWORTH

This year’s Norfolk Day may have come and gone, but these drabble entries for the inaugural competition were too good not to share. 

Here are the final EDP favourites from the 150 entries received for the Norfolk Day Drabble writing competition: 

Brett Ford, who lives in Beccles has always had an eye for photography. Picture: Contributed by Bret

Brett Ford, who lives in Beccles has always had an eye for photography. Picture: Contributed by Brett Ford - Credit: Archant

Norfolk Harbour: Enjoying Late Sun by Barry Darch, 69, of Beccles 

Sun caught her amidships, azuring the sea edge behind. Too wide in the beam, perhaps?  But she would ride the swell when it came.  Light and shade dappled the patina of age. The storms she had weathered!  Now returned to the haven of her youth.  

She reared against the wide sky and circling gulls; then quiet came.  Yes: her position looked unnatural, but ‘propped’ did not do her justice.  ‘Beached’ neither.  

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We had sailed together and tasted the salt.  My eye moved again between this woman I loved and the echoing boat, both radiant in the sun defying the sunset. 

Norfolk is set to see sunshine in a much warmer week. Photo: Antony Kelly

Norfolk Day Drabble - Ice cream - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

A Norfolk Holiday by Debbie Gaze, 54, of Diss 

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The tear slid slowly down their cheek. 

They had tried not to let it fall. 

It had clung to their lashes until it couldn’t stay. 


Like the slowly melting, sticky mess on the pavement. 

There was nothing they could do to stop it. 

Not fair. 

This was supposed to be the best day of their holiday. 

Grandama and Grandad had PROMISED. 

They looked at their sandy feet. 

Next to the sticky white goo, formerly their favourite ice cream. 


They thought about seagull poo. Does it taste like fish? 

Grandma and Grandad will know, 

The best day was back. 

A seagull watching over the beach activities from the railings of Cromer Pier.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norfolk Day Drabble - A seagull watching over the beach activities from the railings of Cromer Pier - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk Holiday – A Seagull’s Perspective by Melanie Rowsell-Docherty, 38, North Walsham 

“We need to plan our holiday; get in before the crowd. Where do you fancy going Dave?” Doris squawks aloud. 

“I’d love a cruise ship, sailing free. Posh nosh, sea views, that’d do me!” 

“But what’s so special ‘bout a ship? You sure our Norfolk hent got it? We’ve sandy shores and pebble bays, posh restaurants, and waterways. Cruising boats, big and small; along the broads you can try ‘em all! So, what do you say Dave, shall we stay? Let’s have a Norfolk holiday!” 

“OK love let’s give it a try, after all with Covid, I ain’t gonna fly!” 

Black Shuck haunts Norfolk folklore, a dark figure which stalking through the county since the 16th century.

Norfolk Day Drabble - Black Shuck is said to roam the Norfolk coastline - Credit: Archant Library/Sam Robbins

Waves of Reflection by the North Norfolk Writers Group 

On my mantel, behind the carriage clock, hides a wallet of holiday snaps. Inside, there’s a steam train overlooking golfers; bustling fairgrounds and Norman castles; thirsty samphire under seas of cloudless sky; wide sandy beaches, children crabbing off the pier; seagulls riding the undulating tide. 

But these are not my memories. We processed, and we packaged them, but the photographs were left unclaimed.  

Perhaps the final frame explains. High on the cliffs of Overstrand, howls a black and bearded hound. Could this truly be the ghost of old Black Shuck, whose legend foretells death?  

The photographer was never seen again. 

Norfolk beach

Norfolk Day Drabble - Wells beach in north Norfolk - Credit: Archant

Gazing at Waves by Fiona Macdonald, 63, of Antingham  

The shhh sound of waves on pebbles made Joe laugh. 

We watched him jump back, then tip toe forwards. 

‘The sea might wet his shoes,’ said Dave. Looking worried. 

‘Maybe he won’t mind today,’ I said... 

‘Joe looks different.’ 

‘What do you mean?’ Dave asked. 


‘Better,’ I said... 

‘More relaxed... 

I think Norfolk beaches suit him.’ 

‘Hard to say,’ said Dave. 

‘His autism isn’t that predictable.’ 

 ‘That’s true,’ I said. 

 Joe was gazing. 

 Gazing at waves... 

 I went to our son. 

 Put my hand on his shoulder. 

 ‘Have we had fun?’ I asked. 

 ‘Oh, yes Mum’ said Joe.... 


Sunny Hunstanton on Bank Holiday weekend.

Norfolk Day Drabble - Sunny Hunstanton during a bank holiday weekend - Credit: Derek Hollis

Our Norfolk Holiday: A Dream by Rebecca Fisher, 26, Burnham Market 

Norfolk. Home. Holiday. History. Memories. Architecture. Family. 

Sea. Sand. A Dream. 

Football. Canaries. 

Huntanton. Ice cream. Castles - Sand and Historic. Norwich. Delia. 

Cromer. Burnham Market. Fakenham. Holt. Nature. Seafood. 

Walks. Wells. Holkham. Halls. 

A47. Travel. Farming. The Boards. EDP. Sandringham. Royalty. 

Seals. Horsey. Blakney. Birdwarching. 

Big Skies. Crabs. Samphire. Mussels. Michelin Stars. 

Norfolk Day. 

Landscape. Cathedrals. Exploring. Adventures. 

120 round tower churches. 

Art. Music. Culture. 

Slow You Down. 

Ar Yer Orrite Bor? 

Dialect. Blickling. Weybourne. King’s Lynn. 

Admiral Nelson. Wensum. Ouse. The Wash. 

Colmans. Boudicca. Walsingham. 

Family Fun. 

Time well spent. 

Our favourite places. 

Our home town. 

Our Norfolk Holiday. 

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