Meet the Ed Sheeran lookalike from Hunstanton who was 'mobbed' at Wembley

Ed Sheeran lookalike

Chris Marks-Burton, who often gets asked if he's Ed Sheeran - Credit: Chris Bishop

Diners do a double take if they look in the kitchen at a seaside chippy.

For behind the fryer at Henry's at Hunstanton is a dead-ringer for Ed Sheeran.

Head fryer Chris Marks-Burton, who has run the kitchen at the seafront takeaway and restaurant for three years, frequently gets asked by customers if he's been moonlighting on his music career.

Ed Sheeran and LadBaby visited Waveney Foodbank on Tuesday, December 21.

Ed Sheeran playing at the Waveney Foodbank in December - Credit: PA

The 26-year-old Ed Sheeran fan has also been stopped in the street by fans of the ginger-haired Suffolk songster and asked for a selfie.

"I went to Wembley once to see Ed play live and I got mobbed afterwards," he said. "They thought I was him, there were loads of people taking my picture. If I had a pound for every time someone asked me for a photo I'd have thousands.

Ed Sheeran lookalike 2

Chris Marks Burton behind the ranges at Henry's in Hunstanton, where customers often ask if he's Ed Sheeran - Credit: Chris Bishop

"I was in Sainsbury's the other day and this woman said: 'You look just like Ed Sheeran.'

"I said I wish I had his money. It was really funny, like right in the middle of Sainsbury's.

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"I don't even think I look like him that much, but a lot of people say I do."

Mr Marks-Burton, who lives in Heacham, has even been approached by a lookalikes agency, which he turned down because he is happy at the chippy.

Ed Sheeran lookalike

Chris Marks-Burton has even been approached by a lookalikes agency because of his resemblance to Ed Sheeran - Credit: Chris Bishop

He said he enjoys Ed Sheeran's music, adding: "I like him, I really like his writing.

"My favourite song is probably The City. Supermarket Flower, that's a good'un as well."

Apart from his music, Ed Sheeran is renowned for his love of one chip shop staple - Heinz tomato sauce.

While Mr Marks-Burton enjoys pouring it on his chips as well, he hasn't gone quite as far as getting a tattoo featuring it, like Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran lookalike

Chris Marks-Burton at Henry's in Hunstanton - Credit: Chris Bishop

Jane Wallis, who owns Henry's said customers often commented on the resemblance.

"It happens all the time," she said. "He's had photos taken, he's renowned in the town."