Ed Balls invites Radio Norfolk presenter to hot tub party with Delia Smith, Anton Du Beke and Stormzy

Ed Balls sent out a very random invite. Picture : ANTONY KELLY

Ed Balls sent out a very random invite. Picture : ANTONY KELLY - Credit: copyright ARCHANT 2017

Chris Goreham spoke of his bemusement on BBC Radio Norfolk this morning after receiving a strange text message from Norwich City chairman Ed Balls.

The presenter, who was hosting the breakfast show in Nick Conrad's absence, got the text message from the Strictly Come Dancing star last night while he was watching One Man and His Dog.

Goreham described how before even reading the message he was confused to why the former shadow chancellor was texting him.

'The only time I have spoken to Ed Balls is when you hear it on the radio,' he said. 'I don't have the sort of relationship where I can just text the Norwich City chairman Ed Balls.'

The text message he received from Balls said: 'Just had a new hot tub delivered. Yvette's at the party conference so I'm having a party of my own. Anton Du Beke is here, Delia is doing canapés and Stormzy is coming (met him at Glastonbury, top guy). Grab your swimsuit and get down her Gangnam Style. Best Ed.'

As the studio roared with laughter, Goreham said he 'assumed' Balls had got the wrong person.

'Something didn't seem right here so I left it and put my phone down,' he added.

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But when he woke up this morning he had received another text from the City chairman which cleared everything up.

It read: 'Hello, it's Ed Balls here. Earlier tonight you got a text from me about a party. Don't worry it is not real. I have just been part of a Michael McIntyre TV show where I gave him my phone and he sent the text. I chose you as one of the contacts as I thought you would enjoy the laugh.'

The segment is called Send to All and has featured on The Michael McIntyre Chat Show and Michael McIntyre's Big Show.