Eaton coffee house could become a pizza takeaway

The former Stephanie's coffee shop in Eaton.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

The former Stephanie's coffee shop in Eaton.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

A community is torn over a bid to open a takeaway.

A planning application has been submitted to Norwich City Council to turn 18 Eaton Street – previously known as Stephanie's Coffee House – into a takeaway.

It is believed locally that the site will become a takeaway pizza shop.

But some people in the area are concerned about the bid.

Matthew Tucker, from Eaton, said: 'Eaton already has the Fish Bar and the Indian takeaway, so does not need another takeaway in such close proximity.

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'Even though there is parking behind the Stephanie's site, people would be bound to park outside the Barclays bank just to pop in for food. This would make traffic outside the bank and Waitrose, on Church Lane, much more problematic.'

Lois Wiltshire, who also lives in Eaton, said that she would like to see the building used for the community.

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'It is such a lovely building, it should be for everyone to use,' she said.

'I would rather see a charity shop in there, we don't have anywhere to buy clothes in the village.'

The planning application outlines wishes to alter the site's opening hours and install a brick clad chimney to conceal the kitchen extract outlet.

Chris Stebbing, vice-chairman of the Eaton Village Residence, said: 'I have heard that it is going to be a pizza place.

'Traffic at the crossing near the old Stephanie's coffee shop is always difficult, but it is good that the building is going to be used – it has been closed for a while now.'

Dougie Dingwall, from Eaton, said: 'Surely a takeaway providing employment is better than an empty building.'

A decision is still pending from Norwich City Council.

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