Why it's the start of a new era for the Eastern Daily Press and PinkUn

The new Pink Un+ app

The new Pink Un+ app - bringing you the best Norwich City analysis and opinion, seven days a week - Credit: Danielle Booden

This week marks a historic moment in the long history of the Eastern Daily Press and its publishers Archant.

For the entirety of it's 150-year history the EDP's sole focus when it comes to asking people to pay for its news, features, sport, analysis and more has been on the printed product.

Of course, we've had lively, regularly updated websites for many years, but they've been free-for-all to view. The consequence of that has been a need to rely on advertising on those sites to effectively subsidise the content.

For many that's been fine, but we've come to learn there are those out there who would prefer a different experience - and that's what we have this week delivered.

The latest edition of the PinkUn Norwich City podcast reflects on an excellent weekend - and another

Our fantastic PinkUn podcasts will appear on the new PinkUn+ app - Credit: © Twitter - Toro Rosso

In case you've missed it, I'm talking about the new PinkUn+ app, which is our first step towards asking those people who come to us online to consider paying for the pleasure.

The PinkUn is a brand and name that is loved by thousands. For years it represented the Saturday night football newspaper, which many grabbed in the hours following a Norwich City match.

When I was at university in Preston, my dear old gran would save each week's editions and post them to me every few weeks to ensure I was kept abreast of everything going on at Carrow Road. That's how important it was to me. 

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As the way people consume the news changed, the PinkUn in standalone print form was no longer viable and in recent years it's become its own website and a regular pull-out within this newspaper.


Our PinkUn team provide the best NCFC news and analysis out there

To many it still represents the very best Norwich City coverage. Our hard-working team of sports writers work seven-days-a-week not just to report on the news coming out of Carrow Road, but to digest it, discuss it and analyse it.

They do a great job and I genuinely believe our coverage of the local football team is hands down the best in the country. We have the awards to prove it.

But that comes at a cost, as does all of the journalism we create. I can't gloss over the fact we're a business, with pressures and overheads, just like any others.

And therefore, now has come the time when we need to ask those thousands of people who read the PinkUn online content day-after-day to pay a small price for doing so. Just as those who read us in print do.


Norwich City fans

And that is what had brought us to release the PinkUn+ app, which we hope will become the go to place for all those Norwich City fans who want unbiased, knowledgeable and entertaining content about the club they follow.

For just £2 a month (and we're throwing in the first two months free) we are asking fans to sign up to the app.

Of course, we realise it won't be for everyone and for those unable to sign up there will still be Canaries coverage on our main sites. However, I'm afraid that will no longer include many of the regular features so many of you enjoy.

This will not be the first app of its kind to be launched by the EDP in the next few months. Others will follow, and when they do we will make the same request for regular online readers to join us.

Our commitment to print will remain unbowed.

I'm incredibly proud of the standard of quality of EDP we put out every day. I'm also incredibly proud of the fact so many people still choose to let it into their homes on a regular basis.

But for the EDP to remain integral to the community we serve for another 150 years, we need to adapt to the differing ways people now consume their news.   

Our challenge is to keep on delivering great stories, keep on improving, keep on making a difference and keep on shining a light in places that would otherwise be ignored.

I'm determined we will do that and determined people continue to believe in the vital importance local media plays in their everyday life. 

Visit www.pinkun.com/pinkunplus-the-pinkun-app or the app store to find out more.

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