Easter fun for families at Sandringham fundraising event

The King's Lynn Rotary Club have organised a easter egg hunt in the grounds of Sandringham - Lilano

The King's Lynn Rotary Club have organised a easter egg hunt in the grounds of Sandringham - Lilano Tasker with an egg. Picture: Matthew Usher.

For a blustery and chilly day, organisers of the Priory Rotary Easter egg hunt at Sandringham were pleased to welcome many smiling faces to their fundraising event.

Peter Tasker, president of the King's Lynn Rotary Club, chose to support the East Anglia Air Ambulance (EAAA) for his presidential year and proceeds from the hunt went to the charity.

'We are hoping to raise £2,500-£3,000 for the East Anglia Air Ambulance. I have never seen so many children enjoying themselves like this, it's absolutely fantastic. They are having so much fun and it's all about the fun and thinking about the charity.'

The hunt, which was organised by the community and vocational committee of the Rotary Club, was made up of 17 clues hidden in a roughly 2-kilometer trail through the woodland.

Paula Rasberry, of King's Lynn, took her daughter Leah Wightman, 10, and son Jamie Wightman, seven, she said: 'It's a very good set up. We got a bit lost at one point but it was very good. The eggs would have melted if it had been hot weather.

Her daughter, who wore a pair of patterned wellington boots, said: 'It was really good they spread everything out. Some parts were a bit muddy.'

Chris Donaldson, area manager of the EAAA, said: 'It's a fantastic response from the public who have turned out on this chilly day to support this very good cause. They are helping us to save lives throughout the region.'

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Participants received chocolate eggs and paid £3.00 to enter.

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