East Harling man’s hunt for owners of wartime dog tag

After finding an American military dog tag from the second world war, an East Harling man is on the hunt for the ancestors of the tag's owner.

David Bailey, 66, of White Hart Street, found the brass object 15 years ago while out metal detecting on Park Farm, Griston, near RAF Watton.

It read James R Crocker. Jnr, 34710(7)23 T43. 0, Grace. P. Crocker, 619 Second Avenue. S, Nashville. Tenn. p.

Immediately after finding it, he attempted to find the family but could not and put it in a drawer, and has only recently rediscovered it.

Mr Bailey, a retired medical rep, said it was just a couple of inches under the ground near a couple of brick buildings.

He said: 'Metal detecting is exciting and thrilling, but when you find something like a dog tag you are looking at history in the face.

'My wish is to find who to send it to. The most important thing is to get it to the person who would treasure it.'

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RAF Watton opened in 1937 and was used by the United States Army Air Force during the second world war, primarily as bomber airfields.

After the war, the land was returned to RAF use and in the 1990s was taken over by the Army, before it closed in 1990.

If you know anything about the mystery, email Mr Bailey on davidgerda@btinternet.com

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