Songwriter launches dream career in lockdown - with love song to wife

Tony D'Amarco with his wife Alison.

Tony D'Amarco with his wife Alison. - Credit: Tony D'Amarco

A Norfolk man launched his songwriting career in lockdown after finding more time on his hands to pursue his dream

Tony D'Amarco, from East Harling, near Thetford, thought he would never be able to achieve his passion of songwriting but found the inspiration during lockdown after "so many decades" of wanting to do it.

The 59-year-old, who runs an exhibition services company, said his business has been struggling during the pandemic and things have been "tough financially".

He decided to start writing songs and creating music in December and has since written four songs and launched his own record label T Music International, with one song dedicated to his wife Alison. 

Tony D'Amarco with his wife Alison.

Tony D'Amarco with his wife Alison. - Credit: Tony D'Amarco

The couple married in 2017 and after almost four years of marriage Mr D'Amarco wanted to express how much he loved his wife in lyrical form.

Named Love of My Life, the song tells his wife that she is his "compass and guide", which reduced Mrs D'Amarco to tears.

Mr D'Amarco said: "I do not play any instruments and I cannot sing to save my life, but I managed to find great people to work with who could interpret what I was trying to do.

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"It has been a bit of a whirlwind how all the songs have come together to finish around the same time.

"I have worked tirelessly with different artists and producers and it has been hard work getting everything done how I wanted it. 

"It has taken six months to get where I am today and to be proud of what I have achieved."

Three of his songs are available on streaming platforms including Spotify, with his fourth song 'Without You' to be released soon.

Mr D'Amarco said: "I will be 60 this year and I wanted to have a new venture for my and my family's lives that can bring real joy if people like our songs.

"I plan to keep my business going for when things are back to normal but to also keep writing if I can and running the record label too."

He added that he wants to encourage others to follow their dreams.