East Anglia finishes seventh in weight-loss table of Great Britain

East Anglia has finished towards the bottom of a weight-loss table published by Weight Watchers.

Based on a population of 5.8m in East Anglia, over a four-month period of this year, there was 25,254 stone lost in the region.

With the table split into nine regions this means East Anglia finished well clear of bottom-of-the-table West Midlands, where 5.4m people shifted 17,312 stone in the same period.

The top performing region was the East Midlands with 4.5m people losing 32,819 stone, followed by North East England with 2.6m losing 17,749 in second and 2.9m people in Wales losing 18,146 in third.

A spokesman for Weight Watchers said: 'Although this places the region seventh on the table of weight loss-per-capita, this is still a stunning achievement!'

Britain has the highest obesity rates in Europe but Weight Watchers want to show that hundreds of thousands of people are doing something about their weight, with 3,917,270 pounds lost in the first four months following the launch of its ProPoints plan.

That is more than the population of Epsom in Surrey or 160 double-decker buses.

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Find out more at www.weightwatchers.co.uk

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