Earth Day 2017: How you can help the planet from the comfort of your home in Norfolk

Planet Earth. Photo: PA/PA Wire

Planet Earth. Photo: PA/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Today the world celebrates Earth Day and pledges to help protect the planet, but how can you get involved?

Here are six simple things you can do from the comfort of your home in Norfolk that will make a big difference:

• Track your online energy use

Did you know that being online has a big impact on your carbon footprint? Browsing the internet generates energy costs, from electricity to data centres and it all adds up. Google have created a plug-in for Chrome called Earth Mode that allows you to track the amount of energy you are using online and subsequently calculate how many trees would need to be planted to offset that usage.

• Buy more local produce

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On average produce sits for seven days during its transition from farm to supermarket. During this time, it loses nearly half of its nutrients, meaning it's not as 'fresh' as shops claim it to be upon purchase. Norfolk has so much great produce on offer, from fresh Cromer crabs to fruit and vegetables, by purchasing products such as these, not only will you be helping yourself by eating healthier, but you'll also be cutting down the amount of carbon emissions used to transport food from the farm to your plate.

• Take a tote bag to the shop

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Carrier bags take longer to degrade than any other type of bag and during this process they can be damaging for wildlife. By using a tote bag to carry your shopping, not only will you help tidy up the local area, but also help protect the environment.

• Try Meatless Monday

The meat industry is responsible for roughly 20pc of the world's greenhouse gas emissions and producing meat requires a huge amount of water. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers state that between 5,000 and 20,000 litres of water are used to make only 1kg of meat. By going meat free for just one day a week, we could all help to significantly reduce carbon emissions and save vital resources.

• Start composting

By composting the food you would usually throw away you can easily reduce the amount of food you waste and your impact on landfills.

• Walk, cycle or take public transport

Vehicles such as cars and vans are responsible for producing around 15pc of the EU's emissions of carbon dioxide. You can easily help reduce your own contribution to this by walking or cycling when possible, taking public transport or car pooling with friends and co-workers.

• What will you do to help make a difference? Share your ideas in the comments below and visit for more information.

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