EA set to visit Wisbech homes in flood risk area

Homes and businesses at risk of flooding in Wisbech will be visited by the Environment Agency from next week.

In response to the Pitt Review into flooding after the 2007 floods, the Agency now automatically sends warnings to properties at risk with residents having to 'opt out' rather than 'opt in' to receive them.

During the course of the door knocking some residents may also receive an automated phone call signing them up to a basic warning service.

The visits will take place from 16 March for two weeks when agents working on behalf of the Environment Agency will be encouraging people to register for the full flood warning service.

eams of two carrying ID and wearing Environment Agency branded jackets will call at the properties between 3-8pm Monday to Friday and between 11am and 4pm at weekends and will not ask to be invited in. Visits will be completed by March 31.

Laura Harrison, community engagement officer at the Environment Agency, said: 'We have been working hard with residents in areas at risk to help them prepare and be able to respond quickly and effectively to flooding.

'This exercise will complement the opt-out flood warnings project and will help move people from being flood aware to being flood prepared.'

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