MP urges day trippers to be sensible if travelling to north Norfolk

Cromer on 29th March as lockdown rules ease

Cromer Pier was relatively quiet on the first day after the 'stay at home' message ended during the third coronavirus lockdown. - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Government confirmation that there is no longer a limit on how far people can travel under new coronavirus restrictions, has led a Norfolk MP to urge people to act responsibly.

On Monday, the 'stay at home' message came to an end with the new advice stating people should instead minimise travel and "act responsibly and cautiously."

The new guidance means day trips to the coast, from anywhere, are permitted. Meaning people could, in theory travel to north Norfolk from surrounding counties or London, as long as they do not stay overnight.

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker. Picture: Supplied by Duncan Baker

North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker - Credit: Duncan Baker

Duncan Baker, MP for North Norfolk, who previously asked the government to provide more clarity on what exactly the change in the message would mean, said he hoped people would be responsible.

He said: "What we now know is that minimise travel means the number of trips that you take, not the length you take."

Mr Baker said he was he knew there was concern within his constituency that high numbers of day-trippers would head to north Norfolk, particularly the smaller coastal towns and villages such as Wells, Cley or Salthouse.

"Look, we do understand that it's now permitted to travel but please be sensible, take some responsibility, ask yourself 'is it totally necessary to travel a long distance to this area?'

"Make sure you still follow all the social distancing guidelines - six people or two households - and think about your health and other people's health."

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He also urged second homeowners to remember overnight stays were not permitted until April 12.

Liberal Democrat council leader Sarah Bütikofer. Picture: North Norfolk District Council

Liberal Democrat council leader Sarah Bütikofer. Picture: North Norfolk District Council - Credit: North Norfolk District Council

Sarah Butikofer, leader of North Norfolk District Council, said she was disappointed the guidance was not more specific and felt it left room for interpretation.

She said: "I think it was very disappointing. I think it's open to such wide interpretation.

"If you're having the [sunny] weather that we're having now at the weekend I would be extremely concerned about the influx of visitors we might see along the coast. Obviously, our businesses want to open but we need to be careful.

"I just think some slightly more local guidance would have been better, even if it was stay within your county."