Royal couple speak to vulnerable people awaiting the vaccine

Anmer Hall

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take part in a video call from Anmer Hall in Norfolk - Credit: Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke on a video call from their Norfolk home to two people with long-term health conditions who have been shielding with their families for a year and are now eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Fiona Doyle, who lives with asthma, and Shivali Modha, who has type 2 diabetes, are both at higher risk from Covid-19 and are clinically vulnerable.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Fiona Doyle and her daughter Ciara talk abut vaccination with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Credit: Kensington Palace

They shared their experiences of the pandemic with the Royal couple, who have been spending lockdown at Anmer Hall, on the Sandringham Estate, and the positive impact the vaccine will have upon have upon their own lives moving forward.

The calls came after Prince William visited a vaccination centre in King's Lynn and spoke with staff and patients.

And they follow recent news that the UK’s leading health charities have joined forces to form a coalition to help promote vaccine uptake amongst those with long-term health conditions, who are now being offered the vaccine.

Included in the coalition is Diabetes UK and Asthma UK, which have supported Shivali and Fiona throughout the pandemic.

Cambridges video call

Shivali Modha (front left), Hiren Modha (front right) and their daughters Shyaama (top left) and Jyoti (top right) take part in a video call with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Credit: Kensington Palace

During her call, Fiona said: “I have always been somebody who truly believes in vaccines, and I truly believe in science and medicine. I think that it’s the best way to look ahead to have a much brighter future and go back to normality. I really hope that as many people as possible, when they get called up for it, take it… It’s nice to know mentally that you have that layer of protection.”

Speaking to the Duke and Duchess, Shivali said: “I think it’s important that we now move forward and I’m hopeful that more and more people do realise how important it is that they get their vaccination. And how lucky we are that we’re even able to access it... Just like this condition, this virus, the idea of this vaccination is new. But the more people that get it you realise that actually it is helpful.”

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