“Dude, I’m getting out” - RAF Lakenheath F-15 pilot’s message before ejecting from plummeting jet in Lincolnshire

A F-15D of the type which crashed in Lincolnshire. Photograph: Simon Parker

A F-15D of the type which crashed in Lincolnshire. Photograph: Simon Parker - Credit: Simon Parker

An F-15 pilot from RAF Lakenheath radioed colleagues to say 'Dude, I'm getting out', before ejecting from a jet which then crash landed into a field, according to documents.

The F-15D jet crashed into a field near Spalding, Lincolnshire, on October 8, during a training mission.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information act by the BBC reveal the jet went into a flat spin at 15,000ft above sea level. The pilot ejected at about 6,000ft.

A technical sergeant, who was in the rear of another jet, told interviewers he was left 'very shaken' by the incident.

He said: '[The pilot from the crashed jet] said something over the radio about 'that was a bad one' or something, which I thought was just like a lazy manoeuvre, or something like that.

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'I saw what I thought was smoke ... kind of brownish greyish smoke coming out from one of the engines.'

He added: ''After 6,000ft, number 2 [the pilot from the crashed jet] basically said 'Dude, I'm getting out'.'

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It was revealed last week that the crash's clean-up bill for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) was £393,235. Officials from RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire were in charge of cleaning the field.

The USAF will pay for 75% of the clean-up, with the remaining 25% paid by the British Ministry of Defence.

An Accident Investigation Board (AIB) report into the crash is yet to be released.

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