Drivers with 40+ penalty points still on the road

Speeding offences can lead to penalty points, but not necessarily a driving ban once 12 points are a

Speeding offences can lead to penalty points, but not necessarily a driving ban once 12 points are accrued. - Credit: supplied

Four of the five UK drivers with the most penalty points on their licences are still allowed to drive, a Freedom of Information request has uncovered.

In response to a question asked by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, it was found that three drivers with more than 40 points are still entitled to drive.

The highest points total for any current driver is 51, for a learner motorist in Oxford, but no ban has been applied despite 12 points normally being enough to enforce one.

Some 100,000 people have been disqualified from driving over the past four years for accruing 12 points.

Most of the points built up by the worst offenders are for not reporting driver details. Some simply assume the police won't chase them up if they never report to a station.

Among the statistics is a driver with 38 points built up from 10 speeding offences in 30mph zones, but this person is still allowed to drive.

Another who clearly doesn't want to change his ways is a goods vehicle driver guilty of 13 counts of exceeding the legal speed limit for his truck. Again, no ban has been served.

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One frequent speeder has previously held points for driving at 109mph, and now has 42 purely for failing to report driver details but still hasn't been disqualified.

Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer, said: 'The IAM has been highlighting this issue for several years now and we appreciate that the flow of information between the DVLA and the courts is slowly improving, which will allow the courts to make better decisions while armed with the full facts.

'Individual courts making decisions on prosecutions can lead to inconsistency in how the law is applied, which risks devaluing the simple '12 points and you're out' road safety message. If the public sees that persistent offenders are getting away with it, they may believe that road traffic rules are ineffective or unimportant.'

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