Drivers urged to be more wary of cyclists on the road

It’s often difficult for cyclists to be seen in traffic.

It’s often difficult for cyclists to be seen in traffic. - Credit: PA

With a higher number of cyclists on the road during summer months, IAM RoadSmart is urging drivers to be more aware of others on the road.

Given the recent success of British cycling in the Olympics, it comes as no surprise that pedal-powered travel has experienced an explosion in interest.

Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and road standards, said: 'With interest in cycling at an all-time high it is inevitable more riders will take to the road to emulate their Olympic heroes.

'Until we have more extensive cycling infrastructure, responsible and safe driving is the only way to ensure the wellbeing of all road users.'

Drivers are asked to be more aware of cyclists and scooters when out and about, making sure that they use their mirrors before driving off.

They are also urged to be more cautious at junctions. These pose a particular hazard for cyclist, as it's difficult for them to be seen – with larger vehicles being noticed before them.

Aggressively sounding your car's horn is also discouraged. Cyclists may become confused by it, and there's a greater chance of an accident occurring.

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It's important to be aware of children cycling on the pavement and occasionally leaving it – there's a good chance of them playing unsupervised. They may also be unfamiliar with their surroundings, so it's good practice to give them a little more room than older cyclists.

The overall advice given by IAM is to try putting yourself in the cyclist's position.