Driver so busy texting on the A47 he didn’t spot police car pull alongside him

Driver texting at the wheel. Picture: Norfolk Constabulary

Driver texting at the wheel. Picture: Norfolk Constabulary - Credit: Archant

Some people can get a little engrossed in their mobiles. But this guy takes the biscuit.

For he was so intent on texting he didn't spot the police car pull alongside him.

One Norfolk and Suffolk roads policing officer tweeted: 'Trying to text while driving may help explain why this driver didn't notice #RCRT (road casualty reduction team) alongside today! #fatal4'

A spokesman later said the incident took place on the A47 on the Bascule Bridge at Lowestoft. The driver was issued with a TOR - or traffic offence report form.

Police can pull you over if they think you're not in control of your vehicle.

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Texting at the wheel can cost a bit more than the standard network rate for SMS.

Fines for using a mobile phone whilst driving doubled to £200 last week.

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And offenders can also dial up six points on their licence, which might not go down too well with their insurers.

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