Confusing traffic calming measures being worked on for third time

A pinch point on Drayton Wood Road in Hellesdon appears to have been installed backwards. Neighbours

Paul Bell, whose phone line has been crossed with his neighbour Picture: ELLA WILKINSON - Credit: ELLA WILKINSON

A set of traffic calming measures on a suburban road which were criticised for confusing drivers is being worked on for a third time - to make it easier for people to access their driveways.

Originally, efforts to reduce speed along Drayton Wood Road in Hellesdon saw wooden posts added to act as pinch points along the road, which is often used as a rat run between Reepham Road and Drayton High Road.

However, after these were taken out by two separate collisions, the pinch points were updated with wider posts and concrete cut-outs into the road, creating two chicanes. 

But these too came under criticism though, with neighbours fearing one set was installed back to front, causing motorists to meet in the middle and end up driving on the wrong side of the road. 

And this week, Norfolk County Council's highways team is working on the road for the third time - this time to make it easier for people living near the pinch points to access their driveways.

However, the council has insisted the works to improve driveway accessibility were originally scheduled as part of the original scheme but had to be postponed due to weather conditions.

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The works to add the new pinch points were carried out in November, but poor weather conditions meant improvements to driveways nearby could not be completed back then..

A spokesman for the county council said: "There were local access adjustments planned as part of the recent traffic calming works, unfortunately, these had to be rescheduled due to the inclement weather conditions at the time."

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Paul Bell, a school chef who lives on Drayton Wood Road, said: "It just makes me laugh really - I sometimes just sit and watch cars meet in the middle not knowing whose right of way it is - it's unbelievable really.

"If work needed to be done to make sure people can access their driveways it really should have been done to begin with."

The latest phase of the works will the road closed until the end of the week, with traffic diverted via Westwood Drive.

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