Drama as six swimmers are plucked to safety from North Sea at Cromer and Sea Palling

Two lifesaving brothers were the heroes as they rescued six people caught in rip currents off the North Norfolk coast.

This morning, 19-year-old RNLI lifeguard Ben Robson, saved three people who were stuck on rocks at Sea Palling, unable to get back to the shore because of the currents.

And yesterday, 16-year-old Luke Robson, also an RNLI lifeguard, got on a paddle board to go and help three people struggling in the sea at Cromer.

In the Sea Palling incident, Ben leapt into action when the three stricken swimmers were spotted by members of the public.

One of them was being looked after by another member of the public on a surfboard, and Ben, on shoreline duty at the time, had to travel half a mile on a quad bike to reach them.

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He then grabbed his rescue tube and swam out to them and clipped the weakest of the three into the tube, returning him immediately to the shore.

Ben then swam out to the other two and brought them both back using the surfboard. One of the casualties had to be treated by paramedics for water inhalation.

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At Cromer, Luke had noticed a woman struggling approximately 200 metres west of the lifeguard hut. He grabbed the paddle board and went to help her.

The lady was clinging onto a wooden groyne and two other swimmers who had gone to help her also needed rescuing. Luke got one of the swimmers onto the paddle board, while telling the other two to hold onto the groyne.

He took him to shore where senior lifeguard Paul Reeve began treating him. Luke then paddled out and rescued the second swimmer and lastly the lady who had been holding onto the groyne. All three swimmers were eventually fine.

Stuart Thompson, RNLI lifeguard manager, said: 'All the swimmers had swum away from the lifeguarded area and ended up in a dangerous area around a groyne, where there can be lots of currents. There is plenty of signage in both areas advising people not to climb on the rocks.'

Luke is in his first season as an RNLI lifeguard and is training to be a tractor engineer, while Ben has been a lifeguard since 2008.

The lifeguards at Cromer also dealt with a serious injury on Saturday. A man fell down some steps to the east of the lifeguard hut. He sustained head and facial injuries, and a suspected spinal injury.

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